Remote monitoring.

Our CCTV remote monitoring centre is manned by highly trained, SIA licensed operators and is fully equipped with the latest surveillance technology. This enables us to safeguard the assets of our clients 24 hours a day and provides cost-effective protection for sites that do not require manned guarding.

Our CCTV systems include integrated motion sensors. Any unauthorised on-site access will therefore activate the nearest cameras and relay images back to our monitoring centre. Here, our operators will choose the most appropriate course of action ranging from an audio warning designed to deter the intruders through to calling the key holder and alerting the emergency services.

Our on-site audio warnings satisfy the mandatory requirements that need to be fulfilled in order to obtain a Police Unique Reference Number and police response. In addition, our remote security services can reduce insurance premiums by minimising the potential for arson, vandalism and theft. Charter Security also provides professionally trained CCTV operators to help man client based control rooms.